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בפתיחת התערוכה בגלריה על האגם ברעננה
At exhibition opening, Gallery by the Lake, Raanana

About Me

I am a people person, which is fairly obvious. 

I love heart to heart conversations, even when talking to someone I met only a minute before.  Almost always a soul connection is made and sometimes the connection continues for years.


I was born in 1950 in Jerusalem, and now have a husband, three children and 10 grandchildren.  Art was always in my life.  My grandfather was a painter, my mother was a painter, and now my daughter is a painter and graphic designer. Almost all of my grandchildren reveal artistic talents in the visual arts and music.

Work Experience:

– Aside from being a painter and channeler, I diagnose and spiritually coach clients using mandala drawings and the Native American color wheel.  I facilitate integrative management workshops, and individual and group empowerment workshops.



Certified Physical Education Teacher – Physical Education Teachers College,
Be’er Sheva

BA – in History of Art (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

MA – Public Heath (Hebrew University Medical School- Jerusalem)

Group facilitator – (Magid Institute – Hebrew University)


My life has always integrated my two favorite things - art, (painting) and body work.  So I combine art and painting with my love of sport and movement; as a sportswoman, a physical education teacher and a physical education and sports supervisor.

For example, in my latest book “Quality Walking Circles”, Zamarot Publishing Company, 2021 – co-authored with Edna Bukshtein, my paintings appear illustrating the various different purposes of walking.  The book will be coming out in the very near future.

My Art

The range of my artwork varies from spiritual abstract to totally naturalistic realism.

Works created using my mixed media technique are created after meditating and then intuitively pouring acrylic paint on large canvases. This stage generally takes place on the Herzliya beach. Afterwards, I look at the results and images are revealed to me, like Rorschach shapes, which I then paint over realistically using oil paint.


From 2018, the year my grandson, Yahali, needed a donor for a stem cell transplant, another body of work grew. They began with meetings on the beach during my daily beach walks.   I met people in movement and positions that interest me, so I asked their permission to take their photograph and paint them. If they want to buy the painting after it was finished, I requested that payment be donated to Non-Profit Organizations aiding children with cancer and their families. Such Non- profits are, for example: “In Memory of Menachem”, “Heart Mandalas” in the city Modi’in, or to the “Light of “the Lego Man”.  See attached article.


נשות העיר כתבה מעודכנת.jpg

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2010 - 2021 – dozens of the municipal artist- house’s group exhibitions in Herzliya.

2019, May - “Brush Movement”, Herzliya Hall of Dramatic Arts. Curators - Shelly Reches and Nili Witztum.

2018, January - "Going All the Way", Tel Aviv Station Complex, Curator - Moran Jacoby.

2018, February - "Spread" Gallery Space Gan Ha-Ir, Tel Aviv.  Curator - Iki Shuval.


At the exhibition opening in Finland

Drawing on the walls of challenged women hostel

2018, March - “Peeking at the Port”,”Israeli Artists Unite” Hanger 3 at port. Curators: Iki Shuval, Shiri Meir.

2017, August - My work was chosen along with the work of three other artists to represent the Herzliya Artists Organization in an exhibition in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

2014, April – Design Medal Exhibition, Tel Aviv University.  Curator - Shuli Briskin.

2010, February - MATTER IN MOVEMENT, GAEA • AEOLUS – Bruges, Belgium. Curator: Fernand Callebert.


About the exhibition "Peeping at the harbor"


One Woman Exhibitions:

2011, November – “Because Man is the Tree of the Field”, Pisgah Center, Jerusalem.  Curator: Ariella Efrat.

2007, September – “Growing and Rising from the depth of the Heart and Earth” “LaChimba” Moshav BarGiora.

Exhibition in the city hall gallery of Herzlya


My grandaughter  at the exhibition in the city hall gallery of Herzlya

cover for print_4.jpg
מתוך הספר הנמכר באמזון.jpg

Published material:

Author and co-author of various professional books, articles for example:  

“Quality Walking Circles”, (2021). with co-author Edna Bukshtein, Zamarot Publishers

“Simply Walk”, (2003).  with co-author Edna Bukshtein, Mapa Publishers.

“Exercise for elders, movement for old age”, (2001) Eshel Publishers

“A healthy back for you and your students”, (1995). Ma’alot Publishers, department of education programs, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

“Me and My Potbelly”, (1999), co-authored with Prof. Hillel Ruskin, Beitan Publishing.

“Alma, Journal to Promote the Status of Women” (1995 -2005) member of editorial board, and journalist with a regular column

“A Shapely Pregnancy", (1989), co-authored with Shlomit Reifman, Sharbarak Publishers.


The Circles of Quality Walking.    

by Edna Buckshtein and Ruth Dekel

כתבה במידעון של הגלריה העירונית 28.10.21.JPG
הזמנה לתערוכת היחיד בבית יד לבנים.jpg
יהלי נכדי עם אברם תורם מוח העצם.JPG
כתבה בפינלנד על התערוכה.jpg

An invitation for my solo exhibition at "Yad Labanim".

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