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Sessions Channeling Mandalas

Channeling mandalas enables receiving messages from our subconscious.

These two-hour sessions take place in my Herzliya studio.  There is a short meditation, we listen to requests that arise, and create a mandala program suiting the topic at hand. We observe the completed mandala and receive messages from what we see.

Each session costs 400 NIS.

Cooperative Mandala Workshops

This powerful group process takes place in nature – either on the sea shore or in a natural grove or selected corner of nature. 

We begin with a short meditation to clarify and enable the group request to be more exacting.  Then, without a word, we all silently create the mandala together using materials found around us.

We observe the completed mandala; receive messages and understandings related to the common creative process. 

The cost of a three-hour workshop depends on the number of participants and the geographic location.

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